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The CBRC lately promulgated administrative regulations on postal saving institutionsĄŻ small amount mortgaged loan business, allowing postal savings banks to operate term deposit mortgaged loans of small amounts under strict conditions.



  (12-11 10:50) Cosco, China Shipping merger gets green light
  (12-11 10:50) CREG sets sights overseas
  (12-11 10:50) A boom in bonded warehouses
  (12-11 10:50) Key issues involved in the IPO reforms
  (12-11 10:50) Registration system for floats to boost bourses
  (12-04 11:18) China to become global nuclear energy player with 110 reactors
  (12-11 10:50) Yutong trialing green buses in Paris
  (12-11 10:50) Hamburg rail link to see more freight traffic
  (12-11 10:50) Way that property is taxed may be changed
  (12-11 10:50) Stability in renminbi expected
  (12-11 10:50) Snowsports industry faces challenging race ahead
  (12-11 10:50) Australian largest oil&gas company approves 2 bln dollars gas development
  (12-11 10:50) Software giant Atlassian becomes one of Australia's largest companies overnight
  (12-11 10:50) UN report predicts modest global economic growth for next two years
  (12-11 10:50) China's Huawei signs ICT agreement with Nigeria
  (12-11 10:50) China, Azerbaijan sign deals on Silk Road cooperation
  (09-25 10:27) Zhongchuang Telecom Test (SSE: 600485) announces that a shareholder sold its shares
  (09-25 10:27) Tianjin Reality Development (SSE: 600322) announces the transfer of a subsidiaryĄŻs equity
  (09-25 10:26) Huatai (SSE: 600308) announces the offline offering result and online lot winning rate
  (09-25 10:26) IntĄŻl Group (SZSE: 000411) announces the guarantee provide by IntĄŻl Logistics for IntĄŻl Pharmaceutical
  (09-25 10:25) Yantian Port (SZSE: 000088) announces that the equity participation company has get approval from the CSRC for IPO
  (09-25 10:24) Shenzhen Textile A (SZSE: 000045) announces the reminder for progress in purchase of subsidiaryĄŻs equity
  (09-24 13:22) Mindong (SZSE: 000536) announces the reply by the CSRC approving the major asset restructuring and asset purchase via shares offering
  (09-24 13:22) S*ST Sanjiu Yigong (SZSE: 000403) announces the progress in the substantial litigation